How to disconnect youtube from google+

If you opted to link your old YouTube channel with your Google+, you will be able to Click the option to disconnect Google+ underneath your e-mail address. Changes to using YouTube with Google+. Google+ is going away. Starting February , the following YouTube features that were built with Google+ are no. I created my Youtube account long before Google Plus came into being. I have decided to delete my Google + account which had been.

If you chose to connect your old YouTube account's channel with a Google Plus profile or Disconnect Google+" link that appears beneath your email address. How to connect/disconnect youtube to google plus is something which users often get confused about! You all might know, a youtube channel comes associated. Ever since YouTube switched their commenting system to Google+, there has been an outrage among its users. Many are not very happy with.

To disconnect from Google+ from YouTube, the first thing you need to do is go to YouTube settings. This gives you an overview with two places. If you don't want to use your real name on YouTube, you can ask YouTube support to disconnect your channel from your Google+ Profile and connect it to an. I hate the fact that my personal gmail/google+ user is connected to YouTube. I'm looking for a way to use gmail and YouTube simultaneously. Step 1->to disconnect google+ from youtube first things we need to do is click upper right-hand corner and came down to youtube settings, go ahead and click . Keep in mind that removing your Google+ profile from your Google account can affect your YouTube comments and interactions. YouTube uses.

Google's mandatory integration of YouTube and Google+ has caused . on a link that says, “Return name to X and disconnect Google+ profile. Not sure what you mean? Google put all the services together under one account now, so if you login with the same account to both they're. How to delete google plus account without deleting other google services YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, etc. remove / disable google+ profile. Instructions about how to remove Google+ from your Gmail account. If you're a heavy user of Youtube, for example, it will affect the.